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5 Fluids You Need to Check to get the Most Miles from Your Vehicle

Your vehicle’s fluid levels might not be the first thing on your mind, but keeping tabs on key fluids is one way to keep your vehicle running smoothly for years to come. Even if you’re not car savvy, checking fluid levels is one of the easiest ways to keep your car running happy. If you […]

Check Out these Pics of a Shredded Tire – WITH GOOD TREAD!

We get questions like this occasionally, “My tire tread looked good, but my tire still blew out, why did that happen?” In the images below, both tires have great tread and no signs of sidewall cracking, yet on a trip from Logan to American Fork, one of the tires blew. And it WASN’T from a […]

Common Causes of Overheating and What to Do About It

It’s the beginning of summer and you’re stuck in traffic when all of a sudden your temperature gauge is on the BIG RED “H”. Guess what? Your vehicle is overheating* and you need to do something about it RIGHT NOW. Before we get into the causes of vehicle overheating, let’s help minimize the potential damage […]

Describing the Noises Your Vehicle Makes

Squeak, Squeal, Bump or Bang, at some point your vehicle is going to make strange sounds. And those sounds are a good indication your vehicle needs some help. Unfortunately, noises don’t normally go away on their own, and it usually gets more expensive the longer you let it go. But we’ve all been there, the […]

How Often Should You Change Your Oil

Picture this Scenario: 2009 Honda Pilot. Mom’s do-everything vehicle. Comes to the shop with about 120,000 miles on it, not bad at all for a Honda. But, there’s a ticking noise under the hood. Inspection and testing uncover a worn out engine, costing many thousands of dollars to replace. The cause? Changing the oil regularly. […]

How AAA Provides Peace of Mind While You’re on the Road

Being an AAA (American Automobile Association) approved auto repair shop isn’t an honor we take lightly and membership offers more than most of our customers realize. By using your membership for just a single tow, you actually pay for the entire year’s membership. And with when you use your AAA membership to have your vehicle […]

Taking Care of Your Battery

Taking care of your vehicle’s battery may seem so simple, but too many people end up stranded because of dead batteries every winter. There’s nothing fun about waiting in the cold to get help because your battery is having problems. Of course, World Class Auto can help ensure your battery is working correctly this winter […]

Fall Driving, take Precaution

Fall driving may not seem all that intimidating, but it’s the unpredictable nature of the season that can lead to danger. Utah weather can be bright and beautiful in the morning only to turn to wet, cold and miserable on your drive home. It’s always important to be prepared no matter what but that preparation […]

Winter Driving Tips to Keep You Safe and on the Road

Severe winter weather in Utah can hit just about any time after Halloween. And if you’re not ready for snow and ice when it hits, driving can be difficult, dangerous and scary. But with the right precautions and a good understanding of how your vehicle works when the road is wet and icy, you can […]

Extending the Life of Your Transmission

Your vehicle’s transmission is the second most expensive component. It’s critical to make sure you’re taking the right steps to keeping your transmission going for as long as possible. By following these steps, you’ll be able to extend the life of your transmission: 1 – Change your transmission fluid every 15,000 miles or at least […]