7 Ways to Save Money on Gas

Saving money on fuel is actually easier than most people realize. And it’s possible to save some serious money by just following these tips we’ve outlined below.

But before you get to the tips, don’t forget to get your fuel injector cleaned professionally. A professional fuel injector cleaning can help your vehicle get the best gas mileage while also protecting the engine from sustaining damage.

By getting a professional cleaning, you can eliminate sediment off the injectors as well as the combustion chamber and intake valves, restoring new-car performance.

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Tip #1 – Check Your Air Filter

Nearly 25 percent of vehicles on the road today could save money on gas simply by changing the air filter. A clean air filter has been shown to improve gas mileage by as much as 10 percent.

Tip #2 – Straighten Up

A bad alignment (meaning your wheels all have a slightly different idea of which direction “straight” is) will force your vehicle’s engine to work harder while also causing your tires to wear out a lot faster. Get an alignment and save as much as 10 percent on gas.

Tip #3 – Get Your Tune Up

Your engine needs to be regularly tuned up. If you can’t remember the last time you had a tune up, bring in your vehicle and we can help you save as much as 4 percent with a regular tune up.

Tip #4 – Add Some Air

More than a quarter of vehicles on the road out there are driving on deflated tires. The average under-inflated set of tires is costing 2.8 percent when it comes to fuel efficiency.

Tip #5 – Check Your Gas Cap

We couldn’t believe the statistics when we read that 17 percent of vehicles have a missing gas cap or broken seal. Those escaping fumes are costing you at the fuel pump and costing the environment too. For just a few bucks you could save yourself some money while helping do your part for the environment.

Tip #6 – Take Your Foot Off the Gas a Little

It’s true driving a little slower helps you save some money. For every 5 mph you reduce your highway speed, you can reduce fuel consumption by up to 7 percent.

Tip #7 – Become a Smooth Driver

Stop hitting the gas as hard as possible and the brakes too. Bursting like jackrabbit through an intersection when the light turns green and screeching to a stop is not only annoying to your passengers, it’s a serious way to burn through your fuel. Bad driving like this can add up to a third of your fuel cost. Start driving smooth. Your passengers will be grateful and so will your wallet.


Lay off the Brakes – Laying on the brakes for an extended period of time will wear down your brake pads faster and can increase gas consumption by as much as 35 percent.

Lighten Your Load – With every 100 pounds of extra weight added to your vehicle, you are losing a percent or two of fuel efficiency. Empty out the trunk of all the stuff you keep meaning to take into the house but forget.

Shut Your Car Off – Idling is one sure way to kill your fuel economy. If you’re stopped for more than about 30 seconds, you can simply turn the vehicle off to save on gas.