9 Hacks for Car Cleaning and Organization

It’s hard to believe that summer is quickly turning into fall already. With winter coming, here are 9 car cleaning and organization hacks you can use to prevent your car from becoming a disorganized mess before spring returns.

  1.       Use a shoe organizer to keep important items within reach


You can buy these all over from places like the dollar store or Amazon. With a shoe organizer, everything has a place instead of rolling around the floor in a jumbled mess. They also help prevent spills and items getting lodged under the seat.


  1.       Use an empty gum container to keep change organized


Spare change is nice to have on hand for parking meters, drive thrus, and other miscellaneous events, but having it floating around all over your car isn’t so nice. Repurpose an old gum container to hold all of your change in one place. It can fit in your cup holder or your glove box so it’s always handy.


  1.       Use carabiner clips to hang your purse, umbrella, and other items


Use carabiner clips to hang your purse, umbrella, and other winter-related items, such as your ice scraper, scarf, and gloves. This helps clear up floor and seat space while keeping everything organized and easy to find.


  1.       Use cupcake liners in cup holders to keep them clean


Cupcake liners are cheap and easy to find, plus they do a great job of keeping your cup holders clean. You can get white, colored, or tin foil ones. You can even have fun with it and find cupcake liners with fun designs to add some personality to your car.


  1.       Use dollar store bins for meals and trash


As much as we all try to avoid eating in the car, it is just plain convenient most of the time. To prevent messes from going overwhere, get one of these bins from the dollar store to hold everything in one place. You can also use it to hold your trash until you make it to a trash bin. This is a great way to avoid wrappers and dried ketchup all over your car.

  1.       Keep baby wipes and hand sanitizer in the door compartment


It’s always a good idea to keep baby wipes (or sanitizer wipes) and hand sanitizer in your car for spills and meals. To prevent them from rolling all over the place, you can stick them in your door compartment for a perfect fit that keeps them nearby and ready to go.


  1.       Mix 1/3 hydrogen peroxide with 2/3 water to clean your car carpets


This is one of those miracle cleaners that can help you get stains out of your carpet and help your car interior look like new again. Add a little bit of essential oil for a nice smell that will last for a while. Nothing feels better than stepping into a newly cleaned, nicely smelling car!


  1.       Mix vinegar, lemon juice, club soda, and dish soap to remove seat stains


Seat stains are a pain to look at and deal with. Between hauling kids, pets, and outdoor equipment in the back seat, stains are almost inevitable. To remove these stains all naturally, mix vinegar, lemon juice, club soda, and dish soap and scrub the seats with a brush. Rinse with water and a clean brush and allow to air dry for seats that look and feel brand new.


  1.       Use a foam brush to clean out your vents


Cleaning tight spots like air vents can be tricky. Get into those hard to reach spots with a foam brush. If you don’t have any on hand, this is another item that can easily be found at the dollar store.


Stop feeling embarrassed and stressed every time you step in your car or give someone a ride. Use these tips for organization and peace of mind every time you get in your vehicle. For total peace of mind, bring your car into World Class Auto in American Fork for all your repair and maintenance needs. Stop by for a full inspection to ensure everything is working properly before the snow hits. We’re also offering $20 off a synthetic oil change between now and October 15.  


–Your Main Street Mechanic