9 Tips to Make Night Driving Easier

Don’t Be Scared of Driving in the Dark

As the days get shorter, drivers are going to be running errands and commuting more in the dark.

For sure there is a lot about night driving that makes it more difficult than driving during the day, BUT you can make driving at night a little easier with a couple key tips.

#1 – Check Your Aim

While most drivers assume their headlights are pointed in the right direction, we find vehicle after vehicle with headlights that aren’t aimed correctly. If you’re going to change the aim of your headlights yourself, be sure to follow your owner’s manual. Otherwise, stop by and let us take care of pointing your headlights for you to give you maximum visibility at night.

#2 – Dim Your Instrument Panel and Dash Lights

Driving around with your dash lights on at the maximum brightness could compromise your forward vision. If it’s particularly difficult for you to drive at night, turn your dash lights down significantly and you’ll be able to see what’s outside better.

#3 – Don’t Stare

Any bright lights can disrupt your concentration while you drive at night. And it’s easy to get distracted and stare at oncoming lights without even realizing you’re doing it. Be mindful of oncoming traffic and avoid staring at the headlights coming your way. Simply turn your gaze away and you’ll find it easier to stay focused on the road.

#4 – Wipe Down Your Windshield

While your windshield may appear clean during the day, night driving can reveal streaks and residue that can easily reduce your vision when it’s dark. An easy way to quickly clear away some of the streaks is with a newspaper. Wiping your windshield with a newspaper can remove residue both on the inside and outside of your windshield.

#5 – Be Sure to Adjust & Clean Your Mirrors

To make it easier to avoid lights from outside your vehicle, you can adjust your mirrors to a point that you can simply move your head to avoid the path of lights reflecting off your mirrors. It’s also important to keep those mirrors as clean as possible. A dirty mirror can diffuse and shape lights in a way that causes more distractions than a clean mirror.

#6 – Keep Your Distance

It’s always important to keep your distance from the vehicle in front of you, but it’s especially important at night and during bad weather. While it’s important to follow the 3-second-rule for following vehicles during the day, make that 6 seconds at night and 9 seconds during bad weather to avoid potential problems.

#7 – Take a Break

If you’re going to be driving for an extended period of time during the night, be sure to plan breaks into your travel time. Stopping to stretch your legs and even having a light snack can help you stay focused while helping to prevent drowsiness.

#8 – Check Your Signals

To make sure other drivers can see your vehicle, be sure you keep your signals and lights – including brake lights – maintained and fully functioning. If you need a light changed, stop by World Class Auto and we can get you in and back out and safely down the road!

#9 – Maintain Your Vehicle

Maintaining your vehicle’s brakes, lights, tires, electrical system, and heating system are all vital to ensuring a safe drive. We can help ensure your vehicle is ready to drive safely this fall. If you have any questions or need help, go ahead and schedule an appointment today!