All About Oil Changes

This month we’re going to talk about all things engine oil and oil changes. Oil changes are often the most frequent routine maintenance your car undergoes, and if you’ve are or have been confused about oil changes, we’re going to set the record straight. 

The reason vehicles need frequent oil changes is to keep engines lubricated. Engine oil loses its effectiveness as it ages, and fresh oil reduces friction between the moving parts in your engine and keeps it running smoothly. Oil changes also help clean out any debris that has built up in the engine between oil changes. 

How often should you get your oil changed? The best answer for most people is: refer to your owner’s manual. Your car’s owner’s manual has detailed maintenance information, and following the manufacturer’s recommendations should keep your vehicle running smoothly. Many cars also have an oil change indicator that will illuminate when it’s time for your car to receive an oil change (usually based upon miles driven since last oil change). If you happen to find yourself in a unique situation, and you’re unsure what oil change frequency would be ideal, consult one of the professionals here at World Class Auto Repair. We can help you find an oil change interval that is ideal for you. 

What type of oil should be used? Your owner’s manual will specify which type and weight of oil your car needs. All cars can use synthetic motor oil, and some cars require it. Synthetic oil is more resistant to higher temperatures and breakdown as it ages. Because of these properties you can generally go longer and more miles between synthetic oil changes. That being said, it’s still important not to exceed the oil change interval recommended by your manufacturer. 

It’s also important that you check your engine’s oil level between oil changes, and we recommend checking it at least once a month. Even new cars can need their oil topped off between changes. When you check the oil level, also pay attention to the color of the oil. It should appear light brown and clean (like new oil). If it appears out of the ordinary, contact us to prevent possible engine damage. 

That wraps up the basics of engine oil and oil changes. This month we’re offering 50% off any oil change, making February the perfect time to bring your vehicle into World Class Auto Repair.