How Often Should You Change Your Break Pads?

When and how often should you change your brakes?  The braking system on your car is one of the most, if not the most, important safety system in your car. Most braking systems in consumer vehicles consist of brake pads behind each wheel that clamp down on a round disc of metal called a rotor […]

All About Oil Changes

This month we’re going to talk about all things engine oil and oil changes. Oil changes are often the most frequent routine maintenance your car undergoes, and if you’ve are or have been confused about oil changes, we’re going to set the record straight.  The reason vehicles need frequent oil changes is to keep engines […]

How to Jump Start Your Car In Winter

Jump starting is often the best way to start a car with a dead battery. It doesn’t fix the problem with the battery, but it should allow you to drive your vehicle to World Class Auto Repair to be diagnosed and repaired. This sounds easy enough, but have you ever learned the proper and safe […]

Dead Car Batteries In The Winter

It’s happened to almost all of us. You head out on the first cold day of the year to work or take your kids to school. You’re surprised by the cold and tell yourself you’re not ready for winter. You climb into the car and turn the key. Instead of the engine roaring to life, […]

Preventative Maintenance for Safety and Longevity

As vehicle technology has advanced, the average age of vehicles on the road has risen. The average age of vehicles is more than 11.5 years! While this is very happy news that owners are able to get more use and miles out of their vehicles, the discussion on long term maintenance is becoming more and […]

Dealerships Vs Independent Repair Shops

When it comes time to service your vehicle, you want it to be fast, affordable, convenient, and high quality. You have the option to take it to either an independently owned shop or a dealership. With a dealership, you’re looking at stiff rates and a by-the-book approach. A recent survey conducted by found that […]

What To Do When Your Car Starts To Overheat

It’s summer and it is getting HOT out there. Vehicle and engine overheating is common and when it happens, you need to do something about it RIGHT AWAY. As soon as your engine starts overheating, there are a couple steps you need to take immediately to minimize potential damage. Immediately turn off the A/C, turn […]

Recirc Button – What The Heck Is It And What Does It Do?

Whenever you turn on the A/C or heater in your car, you have 2 options – “fresh air” or “recirculation” mode. Although almost every vehicle comes with these options, the majority of drivers are completely unaware of when to use which – or what the recirculation button even is! When hit, the recirculation button closes […]

When Do My Car Fluids Need Changed?

A vehicle’s engine and working parts are truly a wonder that we often take for granted. It takes several moving parts with varying temperatures, chemicals, and air flow to get your vehicle moving and to keep it in the best shape possible. Regularly replacing your vehicle’s fluids at the proper intervals will greatly extend the […]

Describing the Noises Your Vehicle Makes to a Mechanic

Vehicles make a lot of strange noises – some of them good, some of them great, and some of them very, very bad. When you bring your car into World Class Auto in American Fork, your Main Street mechanic, our goal is to learn exactly what is wrong so that we can repair it as […]