Fall Driving, take Precaution

Fall driving may not seem all that intimidating, but it’s the unpredictable nature of the season that can lead to danger.

Utah weather can be bright and beautiful in the morning only to turn to wet, cold and miserable on your drive home. It’s always important to be prepared no matter what but that preparation is especially important in the fall.

What to keep in mind when driving in the fall:

Additional Moisture

Whether it’s rain or even snow in Utah, extra moisture on the road can collect and pool on many roads. In the fall the water can sit on dust or oil that hasn’t been washed away to increase the danger of sliding on a wet road.

If conditions are wet, take it a little slower to ensure you can act better if you do begin to slide.


Fall’s signature leaves around northern Utah are beautiful but leaves on the roads also increase the chances you’ll slide while they can also hide traffic lines and other markings that direct you and others on the road. Leaves can also hide potholes and other hazards.


Fog is much more common when it’s cold in the morning, which can reduce visibility significantly at times. Fog can really be a problem in hilly areas and near water, but the mountain roads can also be tough to navigate when there is fog.

In the fog, avoid using your high beams, it only makes visibility worse as the high beams bounce off the fog to create glare. Like any difficult driving weather, remember to slow down when it’s foggy and keep a greater distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.


Temperatures dropping quickly at night can mean frost on the road in the morning. Be aware of frost around bridges, overpasses and shaded areas on the road in particular.

Sun glare

Glare from the sun can make it extremely difficult to see especially when driving west in the afternoon. Even if you can’t see for just seconds, you open yourself to making it hard to see pedestrians, what vehicles in front are doing, traffic lights and just about anything else.


Deer are more active on our roads in the fall because they’re mating and migrating. In Utah, deer can be unpredictable in the light and can come out of nowhere during the night. Most of northern Utah is deer heavy so be sure to watch for deer as much as possible.

Keep Your Vehicle Ready for Any Condition

Because fall driving can be so unpredictable, be sure you’re taking the time to get your vehicle ready for driving this fall and winter.

  • Be sure your tires have tread and are properly inflated.
  • Have your brakes checked
  • Check your lights including brake lights
  • Be sure your windshield wipers work properly
  • Have your coolant levels checked

For driving in the fall and winter, be sure your vehicle is operating correctly. If you have any questions, we’re always here to help. Whether you need a brake inspection or anything else, be sure to contact us and we’ll do our best to make sure you’re able to drive safely this fall and as fall transitions to winter.