Keeping Cool – Air Conditioning Tips: American Fork Auto Repair Tip

Is your car blowing hot air? With warmer weather setting in, it may be time to have your air conditioning system inspected by our ASE certified technicians at our reliable auto repair center.

Air conditioning systems may develop leaks over time and should be repaired before they are recharged, as refrigerant can be environmentally hazardous. Your mechanic should be able to find even the smallest leaks by running a dye through the system. Your mechanic may also recommend maintenance on other parts of the air conditioning system, such as the compressor.

While it is possible to purchase recharge kits, these kits should not be used on a leaking system. The system should also not be recharged if the original refrigerant type is not known, as mixing different kinds can be dangerous to you and your vehicle.

Your mechanic may need to flush the AC system to bring your vehicle up to spec with new refrigerant requirements.

Once your AC system is functioning properly, an annual inspection of all vehicle systems, including air conditioning, should prevent future failures. For all preventive maintenance, be sure to bring your vehicle in to our trusted American Fork auto repair shop with ASE certified technicians.

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