Preventative Maintenance for Safety and Longevity

As vehicle technology has advanced, the average age of vehicles on the road has risen. The average age of vehicles is more than 11.5 years! While this is very happy news that owners are able to get more use and miles out of their vehicles, the discussion on long term maintenance is becoming more and more important.

“The Car Care Council urges drivers of older vehicles to implement a preventative maintenance plan for their vehicle to minimize the chances of a roadside breakdown and to also help their vehicle run more efficiently and economically.”

The most common maintenance procedures for longevity and value include checking the oil, filters and fluids, belts and hoses, brakes, tires, and air conditioning. An annual safety check and wheel alignment are also strongly recommended. For a schedule on when fluid changes are recommended, check out our blog post here.

You can also check out the Car Care Guide created by the Car Care Council to find out the best maintenance for your specific vehicle.

“The Car Care Guide boasts 80 pages of useful information for motorists and is available free, electronically or by printed copy, in English and Spanish. The guide covers major services, 12 component groups within the vehicle, service interval recommendations and much more. Additional topics include an expanded environmental awareness section, finding an automotive repair shop, alternative fuels, understanding the warranty, vehicle telematics, and careers in the auto care industry.”

For a fully customized maintenance plan, bring your car into our shop. One of our highly skilled, certified technicians will do a review of your specific vehicle. We will come up with a maintenance schedule and personalized tips to get the most out of your vehicle.

Here at World Class Auto in American Fork, we also offer a free customer shuttle to take you to and from anywhere you need to go while your car is in the shop. Car maintenance and repair has never been easier!

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Being aware of the ideal maintenance schedule for your specific vehicle can drastically increase the longevity as well as re-sale value. Our shop truck just reached 400,000 miles and is still going strong after years of regular maintenance and proper care! Buying new cars is expensive and often unnecessary. Get the most out of your vehicle for years to come when you use World Class Auto in American Fork.