Safe Summertime Driving Starts With A Trusted American Fork Mechanic

Summertime is here and your summer plans are ready to go. Before you head out the door on that epic road trip or off to sand dunes for some excellent camping, be sure your vehicle is ready to get you there. Here’s a little check list to get you moving without a hitch.

  • Check your tire pressure. Low tire pressure kills your gas mileage. It can cause traction issues and can cause premature wear and tear on your tires. Check your Owner’s Manual to see what pressure your tires should be at. This is a habit you should get into regularly. Tires can leak up to 1.5 pounds of pressure per month naturally. Our ASE-Certified mechanics can help get your ride started moving smoothly.
  • Check your fluids. Worn out motor oil doesn’t lubricate properly and contains microscopic particles that get picked up while running through the engine. These particle combined with dirt create engine sludge and cause excessive friction. All and all, some very bad news. If you motor oil is dark brown or black, you need to take it into our  auto repair center for an oil change.
  • Check your windshield wiper fluid. Long road trips can incur a variety of weather. Sudden storms and dirty water sprayed onto your windshield can really raise your stress levels, especially if you can’t clean them off for proper visibility.

These three little steps will get you off to a great start, but it’s best to take your vehicle into our certified mechanics for a full check up before you hit the road. World Class Auto Repair  can inspect your transmission, radiator, coolant, and other vital components of your engine to ensure the biggest worry of your summer road trip is where to eat for lunch.

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