Signs Your Brakes Need to Be Inspected

SIgns your brakes need to be inspected

You’ve probably heard routine brake checks are pretty important for driving safely and for the maintenance of your car.

But like so many others, you probably don’t get your brakes checked as often as needed. For whatever reason, we often don’t see customers until there’s grinding and an inspection is long overdue.

The problem is, driving on bad brakes isn’t safe and it can also lead to more costly repairs than just routine maintenance brake checks.

Watch for these signs and when they happen, be sure to bring your vehicle to World Class Auto for a brake inspection:

1. Unusual Noises – From screeching to grinding and even clicking, if you apply the brakes and hear any unusual noise, have our experts inspect for any issues.
2. Pulling – If you’re vehicle is pulling to one side, it could be an indication of needed brake repair.
3. Low Pedal – Is your brake pedal hitting the floor before the brakes engage? We can fix that.
4. Hard Pedal – If you’re getting a leg workout every time you hit the brakes, it’s time to get that fixed.
5. Grabbing – With even the slightest touch, brakes can grab but that means there might be a problem that needs addressing.
6. Vibration – If your brake pedal vibrates or pulses, it’s another indication your brakes need to be checked.
7. Light – When your brake light is illuminated on your vehicle’s dashboard, don’t ignore the sign to get your brakes checked.

Brakes go through normal wear on any vehicle and will eventually need to be replaced during the life of the vehicle.

Driving habits, operating conditions, the vehicle type and the quality of the brake lining material all play a role in the wear of your brakes.

Make sure you’re listening to your vehicle and if you notice any of the signs above, be sure to visit our shop for a brake inspection.