Signs Your Cooling System Needs Attention

While the cool weather and moisture this spring may not have you thinking about your car’s cooling system, we are.

We know the heat is coming and we know don’t want to get stuck on the road with the temperatures climbing. Knowing the symptoms of a bad cooling system now can save you from suffering this summer.

And you might not realize that a cooling system failure is the number one reason a car breaks down. Neglecting your cooling system even for a few days can leave you facing more serious repairs.

Without regular maintenance, it’s not a question of if your cooling system will fail, but when.

To start, the most noticeable signs your cooling system needs help include:

  • Overheating
  • Leaks
  • Antifreeze Smell
  • Rapidly Runs Low on Coolant

Without a cooling system that’s operating efficiently, the engine’s components are going to begin to fail. The key parts of your cooling system remove the heat from the combustion process in the engine and transmission to the outside air.

From your water pump that circulates coolant to the thermostat that regulates the coolant’s temperature, your entire cooling system needs regular attention.

Whether your vehicle needs a coolant flush and fill to remove dirt and sediment, repairs on the radiator, hoses or belts, we can give your car the proper car and attention its cooling system needs.

Other signs to be aware of are your vehicle’s temperature gauge, coolant leaks, steam or hissing sounds under the hood or any smell that might indicate the engine is running too hot.

If you suspect any of these problems, be sure to get immediate attention before what could be just a minor issue turns into a major repair.

Our staff is fully qualified to test for cooling system problems to ensure your vehicle’s cooling system is operating correctly this summer.