Is Your Battery About to Become the Ghost of Batteries Past?

It seems like every vehicle’s battery decides to die at the absolute worst possible time and it’s often in the dead of winter with snow coming down late at night while the kids are in the car.

And without a functioning battery, your vehicle isn’t going anywhere.

But the truth is your battery may be giving off warning signs well before it dies. And if you want to avoid dealing with a dead battery, pay attention and have it replaced at the first sign that it’s about to become a statistic.

Here are 3 warning signs your battery is about to die:

Slow engine cranking.

If your engine cranks when you turn the key but sounds like it’s in slow-motion before it finally fires up, you’re probably going to need to change the battery. While the problem may be your starter or something else, the battery is the most likely culprit.

If this happens and the car doesn’t want to start, it may need a jump-start to give it the extra oomph to get going. Once it’s started, you should drive the car around for 20 minutes or so to help recharge the battery via the alternator. Get your battery tested ASAP to see if it’s time for replacement.

You’ve already had to jump the battery a lot

If you have to jump your vehicle’s battery more than 3 times in a week – no matter the cause; the starter, fuel pump or alternator is bad; or you leave your lights on – you’ll likely need to replace the battery.

Even a fairly new battery can end up performing like it’s dying if it has to be jumped too frequently. Using jumper cables or a jump box takes its toll on the battery no matter how new it is.

Your battery dies after leaving the lights or radio on for only a short while.

If you find yourself sitting in the car with the engine off for less than 30 minutes or so (waiting for kids at the school, chatting with a friend, etc), and your car has a hard time starting afterward, your battery is most likely fading fast. A battery in good serviceable condition should handle a small load such as lights, the radio etc without draining enough to notice.

How Long Should Your Battery Last?

Batteries typically last anywhere from 2 to 4 years even if a manufacturer says it will last 5, 6 or more.

Batteries don’t do well in extremely cold weather and that’s why they often lead to more problems in the winter.

If your battery needs to be tested or replaced, give us a call today at 801-756-2661 and we’ll give you the peace of mind knowing you won’t get stranded this winter with a dead battery.