Springtime Auto Repair Tips

Springtime Auto Repair Tips

With spring, comes spring-cleaning and while most people get focused on home care, it’s also a prime time to focus on caring for your automobile.

Getting your car it’s first wash during a warm spring afternoon to eliminate the grit and grime of rain and snow and any additional care can ensure your summer driving plans work out just right.

Here’s a list of tips you can utilize to get your car ready for summer driving:

Understand and follow recommended service schedules. At World Class Auto, we can help you know what’s recommended for your vehicle.

Fix anything related to a hard start, rough idling, stalling, etc. before the weather heats up. If you have even the slightest questions, we’ll get it tested for you so you understand what’s going on and how it can be fixed.

Have your cooling system checked. It might be time for a cooling system flush and refill too.

Have the condition and tightness of belts, clamps and hoses checked.

If your air conditioner is functioning correctly have it looked at to avoid more costly repairs.

Have filters checked and replaced if necessary.

Inspect your lights and all bulbs.

Replace worn wiper blades and stock up on washer fluid to keep dust and insects from blocking your view.

With our spring maintenance inspection, we’ll make sure your vehicle won’t slow down your plans this summer. Schedule your appointment today.