Stay Cool: AC Maintenance

Keeping cool in our vehicles is crucial to our comfort while driving during these hot months. So what are the best ways for us to make sure our cars are running efficiently? Here are some of the most common problems causing your air conditioning to not work as well.

  • Dirt and grime: Air conditioners are complicated systems. The AC has to work harder when dirt and grime get into the system. The harder the AC has to work the more energy it takes from the engine and that leads to decreased gas mileage and reduced performance.
  • Evaporators:An evaporator is an important part of your air conditioner because it dries the air and takes the humidity out. When the evaporator gets plugged up it can’t cool the air as fast.
  • Expansion Valve: If you have rear air conditioning in your vehicle you may experience a problem with your expansion valve. When that gets clogged it prevents air from getting to the back.

These are only a couple of areas that need to be looked at. It’s very important to regularly get your AC serviced every year. If you are having problems with your AC, or it’s just time for it to be serviced, be sure to bring your car to our trusted auto repair shop in American Fork with ASE-Certified Technicians. We will make sure to take care of your family’s vehicle, help save you money and help you keep cool this summer!

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