Why DIY Is Best Done By Professionials

With the bounty of information available to us on a daily basis, it’s easy to watch a five minute YouTube video and think I could do that. Sometimes the project is a delectable cake or a crafty solution to storage space. If we’re honest, the first three times the cake will fall and more often than not, the piles of fabric and yarn will find their way to a drawer before we ever see the final project. Sure, there are videos of heart surgery online, but you’re not about to break out the scalpel yourself and give it a try. Let’s look at 3 DIY auto projects you should leave to the professionals:

  1. Replace an Engine. The world record for fastest engine removal was 52 seconds. You will not beat this. You won’t even come close. The average engine weighs 600 lbs and requires a special tool called a Cherry Picker (engine hoist) to remove. Most modern cars will have a multitude of electronic components linking the engine’s computer system. Everything needs to be put together the exact same way it came out. If you have trouble assembling IKEA furniture, keeping track of small items, don’t have years of technical training (and can’t lift 600lbs) don’t worry. A trained and knowledgeable auto repair specialist can save you time and pain by completing work to factory specifications — leaving you with plenty of time to perfect your cake recipe.
  2. Replace a Clutch. This is the definition of a terrible idea. Ah, it’s just a clutch! It’s a clutch located under a transmission that could take a cherry picker and a vehicle lift to get out. If the idea of the equipment rental isn’t enough to bug you out, you’ll also need a transmission jack and a clutch alignment tool — and the skill to use it! Clutches are made with precision. Instead of towing your vehicle over to the shop with a box of parts in your lap and patches of hair pulled out, call up or our  ASE-certified mechanics.
  3. Replace AC Components. Refrigerant gases are harmful to you and the environment. (All states have legislation in place regarding the release of refrigerant into the atmosphere.) Our  auto repair technicians have special training and certifications to work on a vehicle’s air conditioning system. Improper installation can damage your air conditioning unit, completely defeating the purpose (and possibly causing you physical harm in the process). Rather than having to pay for costly coolants twice, save your time for fun projects like finishing that scarf you started.

When you bring your vehicle to our  American Fork auto repair shop, you’re purchasing more than auto repair. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that a professionally trained technician who understands the nuisances and advanced technology of your vehicle is repairing it to factory specifications. You’ll spend years and thousands of dollars trying to garner the knowledge and equipment available at the shop right in your own town. Take advantage of the friendly and reliable service at World Class Auto by calling (801) 756-2661 and save your valuable time for a new hobby. (Maybe you can show off your perfected cupcake recipe when you pick your vehicle up!)

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