Why Pay Mechanics for Diagnostics?

Have you ever been to the doctor? Most of us have. Have you ever had the experience where it took the doctor several tries to finally figure out the root cause of what was wrong with you? Frustrating and time-consuming, right?

We’ve all heard stories about people being treated for symptoms, only to find out the root cause was completely different than what they – or the doctors – initially thought. One thing to think about, is how do doctors go about finding out what’s wrong with our bodies? They perform or order a variety of tests, right? And if those tests come back clear, they say “well, we at least know what’s NOT wrong with you.” And guess what? You have to pay for all that testing – good, bad or no result.

So why is an auto mechanic talking about doctors? Well, we obviously don’t want to take for granted the important work that the medical profession does (after all, you only get one body), but we’d like to point out a few similarities in what we do with our customer’s cars.

We sometimes get the question, “You’re going to charge me HOW MUCH to look at my car?” or “Why should I have to pay for diagnostics?”. It’s a commonly asked question across all industries – but especially in the auto industry.

It’s an interesting question and topic. Because we sell service, and because service isn’t as tangible as a product, it can be difficult to understand the intrinsic value. But, by comparing what we do with what doctors do, we all can start to see the value. Finding the root cause of what ails you physically – the first time – is welcome and valuable because it saves time and money, usually resulting in less down time and sick days. The same holds true when our cars are acting up.

For both auto mechanics and doctors,  it takes a lot of time (we’re talking YEARS), experience, certification, talent, and equipment to properly diagnose issues. Being able to quickly pinpoint the root of your  issues (physical or automotive) is a valuable service that saves you a lot of money, time and headache. It takes a lot of work maintaining equipment and consistently keeping up-to-date on training to accurately diagnose the cause of problems.

If the check engine light comes on, there are many hundreds of diagnostic trouble codes that may be triggered, most all of which require testing to determine why. Likewise, if a function in the vehicle interior stops working, there are hundreds of possible causes – all of which must be examined before the true cause can be identified and fixed.

For example, imagine that you drop off your vehicle to find out why your power seat won’t move. To diagnose the issue, our ASE-Certified technicians will have to carefully remove the side panel and test the wiring and electronic motor circuits. They will then run several more pinpoint tests to determine exactly what the issue is and how to fix it. This takes time and needs to be done properly in order to pinpoint a cause that is proven – not just a “guess”. We’d really rather not replace expensive parts without being sure they are needed. (Not to get too much of a dig on the medical profession here, but we all get the privilege of paying for tests and pills and surgeries that sometimes don’t wind up helping fix what’s actually wrong. Mechanics on the other hand can’t charge for something that doesn’t fix the problem)

Why Not Get A ‘Free’ Diagnostic Inspection?

There are auto shops that will offer free auto diagnostic services, but free guesses usually cost more. For example, imagine your check engine light comes because the air-fuel ratio is off.

You take it in for a free inspection that reveals an “oxygen sensor code”. You replace all the oxygen sensors “just to be safe”. You spend a thousand dollars on oxygen sensors and the check engine light comes back on. You take it back in for another “free” inspection – now 4 figures and several hours of wasted time in the hole.

Why It’s Worth It To Pay for Diagnostics

When you bring your car into World Class Auto, your main street mechanic in American Fork, our ASE-Certified auto repair technicians use professional diagnostic tools to positively identify the problem. For a modest fee, we’ll pinpoint the EXACT cause of the problem in less time. Our motto is “we test, not guess!”, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars and hours of time wasted “guessing” at the solution to your vehicle’s problems.

Ultimately, it is much less expensive to pay a qualified technician with the proper tools to get the diagnosis RIGHT than it is to replace components based on hunches of under qualified service agents or parts vendors that don’t necessarily have your best interests in mind.

Why World Class Auto in American Fork Should Be Your GO TO For All Vehicle Needs

World Class Auto employs only ASE Certified Master Technicians who are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence on every mechanical and electrical component and system.

We also have invested in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of CUTTING EDGE diagnostic tools. Combined with our up-to-date information systems, we have the ability to pinpoint both driveability and electric system failures in the most cost-effective manner possible.

In addition to our cutting edge diagnostic equipment and certified technicians, we also offer:

  • 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty on parts and labor
  • Free roadside assistance for 12 months/12,000 miles following every paid service
  • Before and after hours drop off and pick up
  • Free customer shuttle to and from home/work/school
  • The only AAA Certified auto shop in North Utah County

Whether you need repair, maintenance, diagnostics, or inspections, make sure to come into World Class Auto in American Fork. Vehicle repair and maintenance has never been so easy. We provide the highest quality service for all vehicles, both foreign and domestic. If you have a question about any service we offer, or if you would like to make an appointment, please don’t hesitate to call us at (801) 756-2661 or stop by the shop!